How to Be the Coolest Mom Ever (in the kitchen)

Liz Logic is on vacation for a few days.  In fact, if you’re headed someplace sandy this weekend, you just may run into me.  So no posts for a few days, but wanted to share a picture I lifted off the internet, BEFORE, I started saving the exact photographer’s name/website info. etc.  So MY PROFOUND APOLOGY for not giving credit where credit is due.

REPEAT:  This is not a Liz Creation.  I wish I would have thought of it.  The best I’ve ever done is MONOGRAMMED PANCAKES.  Yes, I’ve been known to write my kids’ initials in pancake batter, so I could at least appear crafty.

Anyway, it’s super easy:  Get a banana, some mandarin oranges, and kiwi fruit.  Slice and dice and put all on  a plate shaped like this:

ImageYou’re kids will feel they are a FOOD RAVE.  Enjoy!!

See you next week!   Liz

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