Unsustainable Inspiration: Narcissism on Parade

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Photo Credit: Bobby Doherty – New York Magazine 09/21/2015

I admit it. I was dazzled by Trump. For about 24 hours. I even liked his Facebook Page and posted a few complimentary things on it, shortly after he announced.  But it wasn’t long before the elephant in the living room (that everyone IS talking about), grew so tremendous, I began to wonder if there was even room for me in here anymore.

Like a rabid sports fan, I anticipated the first debate like it was the Super Bowl. Then the moment of what I call The Big Letdown occurred: Trump opened his mouth. Yes, Trump spoke.   I felt (and still do) like I am watching a slo-mo implosion of epic proportions. It just hasn’t quite happened yet.

He made it clear from the first question, he was a “My way or the Highway” kind of guy. Either America will be smart enough to vote for him, but on the off-chance they’re not (remember Iowa — how stupid are the people of Iowa?), and thus too stupid to realize he should be number one, then he couldn’t (at that time) with absolute certainty promise that he would eventually pledge to support the Republican nominee.

Brilliant move, Mr. Trump, brilliant. By assuming we’d be too scared to have to go with yet another establishment Republican that would say only what’s necessary to get elected, and then do little to no more, many of us flocked to you with ears burning to be ticked with what you said. In so doing, we assured your skyrocket to the top, as long as you kept repeating what’s bothering us.   I give you credit for that: Successfully nailing our frustrations. 

Oh sure, you’ve said the things that frustrated Conservatives like me agree with: Our borders are weak, our economy is a mess with a debt approaching infinity, we’re making deals with countries with horrible human rights issues that think it’s totally copasetic to stone women for charges (even if not proven) for adultery, or people that are homosexual.  We are saddened that the country is actually divided over something as small as and yet profound as the right to and sanctity of a human life.

You’ve resonated with a huge portion of America because you’ve correctly voiced our analysis of what’s wrong with America very succinctly, even if bombastically. However, lately I’ve had a hard time recalling exactly what you said the solutions are. Trump, you say you’ll make America Great Again. But the clear assumption is, “ONLY IF I WIN!”

And there in lies the problem. Trump can’t be the solution, anymore than Obama can be. Nor can any of the other candidates of either party be the entire solution to what’s ailing America.

You see, Mr. Trump, that’s our job! This is our country! You, if elected, as a temporary member of the Executive Branch, along with the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch, are supposed to work for us–We The People.   You can’t make America great, nor should you. But we can.   If elected, we don’t work for you, as your apprentice. You work for us, as our President. 

Your job is to uphold and defend the Constitution, and swear to protect us. Neither of which I’m confident you will. I’m afraid, if the Constitution makes you mad one day, you may just rip it to shreds and say, “Screw this!   You’re fired! Hey, this document is ancient anyway.  Worthless garbage, I’ll show you. I CAN write a better one!”

And God help us (and the world) is someone else pisses you off; and I’m sure in short order they will! We both agree there are some really evil people out there.   Still, America is war-weary after years of unclearly defined and ever-changing definitions of who our enemy is, why we’re fighting, what constitutes a win, and perpetually wonder when will our brave loved ones who serve get to come home.  Many have already given their all and more,  and for what exactly? We absolutely don’t want to send more of them because someone gets your boxers (or briefs) in a twist.

I don’t want you to tell us what or how to think (specifically, how great you are, and as a result, that is why America is great). No, I want you to inspire us, and remind us that we are great, because of who we already are, and more importantly, as a team, what we could accomplish and who we could all be if we stand united.  

Because no matter how accurate some of your assessments may be of what’s wrong with America, I pray that the vast Americans are more intellectually smart than sufficiently hypnotized by the cult of personality, although lately I wonder. I’d hate to think that you (or anyone) could win by employing the tactics of personal denigration as a means of taking down the other opponent.

Carly Fiorina’s face, yeah, that whole deal. “Who’d vote for that face?” thus sayeth the Trump. Really, Mr. Trump??   You insult us yet again.     The average second grader knows that is so not nice, and God help us all, if the country doesn’t figure out that is NOT presidential.   You’ve compared yourself to Reagan, but  instead you sometimes act like a guest on the Jerry Springer show.   I know one thing; Carly’s “face” speaks truth, with laser-precision accuracy when questioned on economics or foreign policy. She can answer questions without raising her voice or her eyebrows. Can you?

And then there’s Mr. Carson. He’s a just “OK” doctor you guess, you grudgingly shrug in acknowledgement. He, is just like every other contender, of course, and has “no chance” of being President according to you. Like Jeb and the rest of the gang, he lacks “energy” (Trump translation: balls) or a plan ( Trump translation: yours) you remind us time and again. After all, you are Number One in the polls.

Angry Trump

News Flash:  Narcissism on parade is an unsustainable source of inspiration.

You’re a powerful man.   Many even see you as a respectable man.   Your hard work ethic has the potential to be inspiring, but gets lost in translation by the arrogance of you always being right, without fault.   You may be Mr. Big in New York,  but when the word that echoes most loudly is “I, I, I”, you become smaller and smaller on the list of worthy contenders.

And lately the repeated negative slams against others, from your opponents to those in the media say less about who they are, but speak volumes of who you are.

There’s a slow train looming just beyond the bend. It seems far off, but intuitively I believe it’s gathering steam.  And I have a weird feeling you know it too. It’s the assurance of what can’t quite yet be seen, but the slow tremors are starting to be felt.  It seems to be in the infancy of gathering momentum.  Have you experienced this yet?  Pride going before a fall?  If not, you may be overdue.  We all get humbled sometimes.

I’m not sure those that fully rely on being powerful, can ever understand the mighty power of the meek, those of us who are both conservative and prayerful.

See we’re not pinning our hopes on Number One. We who pray don’t want a win by any means necessary, but a win by changing the hearts and minds of those who don’t always agree with us.   We want someone who can inspire ALL of us.

We prayerful want someone who can speak truth to power, including the man (or woman) in the mirror.    We especially expect you to speak honest truth to us. We want someone who can effectively articulate not just why, but show how conservatism and capitalism and compassion can work together to lift people out of poverty.  

Issues like substance and mental health issues, fatherless homes, and generational government dependency in neighborhoods where quality schools and jobs don’t exist, coupled with infestations of drugs and gangs leave an entire segment of citizens that feel voiceless. Perhaps you could gain the support of some of these citizens if you presented specific plans of real hope, and real change. Would you be willing to leave behind the marble waterfalls of Trump Towers as your backdrop to really connect to those less fortunate and offer encouragement and inspiration?  Inspiration may start with the letter “I”, but it should never start with the concept of “I”.  Good leadership with real power to inspire, always centers around the word WE.

There is a golden opportunity here to connect with those most hurt by the exponentially expensive and decades-lost (by government) war on poverty.   You squander away immense opportunity when you don’t reach out to the hearts and minds of those that feel forgotten or that they have no voice or that there is not equal justice under the law.  It takes courage to see things differently, to vote differently, but it’s hard to offer a relatable message when you’re too busy hurling insults or bragging on your endless accomplishments. They are impressive indeed–unless you’re too busy trying to figure out where your next meal is coming from.

Most of all,  we prayerful want someone who values life –ALL lives, despite all of our differences. We want someone who is up for the challenge of seeking ways to help us as citizens feel united despite differences of opinion, or political persuasion.   What does it really mean to “Make America Great Again”?  Does it start with you or with us?

So we prayerful do what we do best.  We wait.  We wait for the debates and we wait and watch all that you and the other candidates say and do, as we draw closer to making up our minds for sure a year from now.  We pray for our future president, not our king.

But know this:  We prayerful don’t put our hopes in the person who is most powerful. We put our hope and trust in God, who is all-powerful. News flash: That’s not you Mr. Trump. So look out for Number Two. Or perhaps Number Three or even Number Seven.

So keep going and tooting your horn Mr. Trump. We’re all going to be okay.   But you may want to keep one eye on the rear view.

Elephants in Rearview

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