Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Scarlet Ibis by Liz GrayWhere do you fly away to when life becomes too stressful?  Let me tell you about a beautiful place in NC that can only be described as one of my personal “Seven Wonders” of my world at least.  It is a waterfowl sanctuary in Scotland Neck, NC called “Sylvan Heights Bird Park”.  It is the largest waterfowl sanctuary in the world and is twenty-six acres of sheer beauty.  You will see beautiful birds and flowers and everywhere you turn  you’ll see beauty and have a chance to see the birds.  If you go to the Landing Zone, you will have an opportunity to feed them as well and let them land on you, and believe me they will land on everything: your shoulders, your head, and your shoes, especially if you have laces.

If you are an avid bird watcher or a professional or hobbyist photographer, this is one of the nicest places I’ve ever seen.  It takes about a half day to really appreciate it and you will love the personal attention from the staff towards you and the birds.  Put this  place on your bucket list!

IMG_0034I took this picture of a peacock thru a chain linked fence. He displayed his beautiful feathers for about 10 minutes!

IMG_9888Flamingo in The Landing Zone

IMG_9828My young son had up to five birds land on him in The Landing Zone






Green Movement (Post a Week Challenge)


Green Photos submitted by Liz Gray for Weekly Photo Challenge:  Green

All Pics taken at NC Asheboro Zoo in August 2012

Pic 1: Yoga Turtle enjoys the Green Movement

Pic 2:  Butterfly on the Green

Pic 3: Green in the pond

Pic 4:  Leafy Greens on the playground

And now that you’ve enjoyed some green pics, maybe you’ll enjoy listening to one of my favorite songs:   “Green” by Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians: 




Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Wet merges into dry.  Sunlight merges into shadow.  Sea life finds human life.  The ferocious fictitious shark on the right can’t harm the real, yet tender Harbor seal on the left.  What separates our life from those who call the sea home?  Glass?  Air?  Water?   Whom should we fear in life?  Whom should we love?  In this photo, Curiosity and Life merge into Understanding though they live in two different world elements:  Water and Earth

I took this picture with a Canon Eos Digital Rebel camera f/4, 1/80 sec., ISO 400, 75 mm lens, and no flash.   That’s the “stats” but the TRUTH of the matter is, I just clicked the camera and got lucky.

Place: NC Zoo in Asheboro, NC — Rocky Coast Exhibit

Hope you enjoy and please check out my blog if you have time!  Liz Gray