Post Election Thoughts by Liz

It’s over.  The Donald is now the POTUS.

I just deleted about two dozen sentences after those first two, because no matter what I write I can literally feel the shouts of applause and the hurling of tomatoes no matter what I say.  Instead, I am just going to start out light hearted, end seriously, and then enjoy my day.  I hope you’ll do the same.   These will be my last post-election thoughts for a while, as I and probably many of you now need a total tv/social media break.  I really super-binged yesterday on TV and Facebook and am now feeling the aftermath of shame.  Of course a day of rest and stillness does wonders for the soul too.   I just get kind of mad at myself whenever moss grows around my outline on the couch.  Anyway, my thoughts:

  1. Ivanka would make a stunning Disney Princess and she conveys the calm demeanor I wish to have at all times.   I feel no jealousy watching her or the family, only inspiration.  I’d like to learn how to be gracious and not so sensitive as to what others think.  In my book, that is real woman empowerment.
  1. Melania would make a nice princess too; I love her simplistic elegance. Jackie O elegance on display just makes me happy; it just does. Especially if done at private, not public expense.  Though I think beneath her understated elegance, is not someone who is wanting to be known for simple beauty.  My intuition tells me we will find she is a woman of substance, a good and protective mother, with very strong views that are her completely her own.
  1. The grandkids are adorable and I’m still pretty sure one of them signed the first executive orders blowing rasberries as Nancy Pelosi watched ever so nervously. I chuckled as one of the little grandsons aptly worked his way through all the adults like he was parting the seas. He moved confidently to the Executive Desk in rapid order and put his arm over Grandpa while toying with the pens as if to say, “Allow me, sir.”
  1. I loved the music selections by talented, not the “in club” entertainers, especially kids!!   I loved Pelican 212! Those trumpet players, oh my. Those kids were beautifully diverse and had incredible passions for their amazing talent!

  1. As POTUS spoke, my ADHD brain kept receiving conflicting messages from his sign language. He’s really quite good actually. But as I listened to his plans, I kept reading L-O-L, or L-O-U-D, or F-O-U-L or F-O-L-D, but mostly a lot of LOL. I would like to see him conduct a symphony and see how it sounds. I mean that. It would be interesting.Sign language alphabet.png
  2. I am a composite of all my friends and family b/c some things DJT says make me want to cringe, but others make me want to shout Hooah! Above all, I am an optimist—mostly. I have to be. I wouldn’t survive the hard days if I wasn’t.
  3. Above all, I wanted to cry when the military danced with the First and Second families. My large family is full of members who either serves/served our country honorably for years in the various branches, and it was beautiful seeing THEM honored in this way.

Lastly, whether your candidate won or lost, how now will you live?   Whether SHOUTING our opinions  on social media if effective to hear our views is debatable. It may have worked well for President Trump’s campaign, but does it ACTUALLY work for you?  Does it actually accomplish things in your life or lead to a loss of time, or an increase of anxiety?  Just thoughts to ponder, no judgement here.

Is there something, anything each of us could be DOING to affect change, well effectively? What if we really were the change we wished to see, as Ghandi said? People would see us and think how cool it would be to join us when helping our fellow citizens.   Posters and tweets and shouting bring awareness for a short time, but acts of kindness, words of gentleness, and strategically managing your time and ways you help the causes you are most passionate about bring about the greatest change. All these thoughts are my humble opinion of course.

Finally, I pray you can stay positive.   Have faith. Reject fear.  Help someone else today. Set an example. Breathe.   Be grateful.   Make America Kind Again!!  Love, and in so doing, you will let live.


Unprecedented: Voting for THIS President — November 8, 2016

Hooray! It’s here! It’s Election Day and the day we’ve been wanting to be over, is:

Almost Over

First, a disclaimer: I DON’T have a horse in this race. My person was out months ago. My heart still hurts, but like Rose on the sinking Titanic, it will simply go on, despite the uncertainty principal that awaits all of us come 2017.

This has been a hard year for me as I’ve watched the politics delve deep down from the gutter to the sewer then the swam, perhaps even Hell itself.

So it’s with no guilt or shame I tell you this: I took my 11-year old son to both a Trump and a Clinton rally yesterday. There are several reasons why:

  1. We are homeschoolers. This is Civics 101, American History, Sociology, and perhaps even Psychology at it’s very finest as far being a teachable moment.
  1. I am a shutterbug. Photography is my hobby. I wanted to see if I could capture some American history and personal history.

dsc03371  DSC03376.jpg

(Liz obsesses more over lenses then candidates!!)

  1. I am an adventurer. I will drop just about anything, to go anywhere, if I think there will be interesting people, concerned people, beautiful scenery, unusual things/people, natural things, historic moments. I saw a lot of this yesterday.
  1. I have my personal biases, yes. So do you. But I am also open-minded! Did you know you can retain your principals and core beliefs but still mingle with other people that believe, behave, and vote differently than you? In fact, sometimes you can even love them anyway.  I plan to teach my child this, otherwise our country really is doomed.

I’ve spent a lot of time this year studying, web-surfing, worrying, fretting, whining, discussing, and then accepting and denying the choices that confront us. In the end, I too have to deal with the ultimate Sophie’s Choice that will forever alter our country. That’s an enormous responsibility to shoulder. You have the same burden. Our main choices seem so fundamentally flawed to me, and the smaller choices seem hopeless.

I’ve conversed and debated this year with everyone from personal to church to online friends, neighbors, as well as immediate and extended family. I’ve talked with a range of folks, from procrastinators to prognosticators. And I’ve come to a few conclusions.

There are a multitude of reasons we vote. All are valid, in the hearts and minds of those who cast them.   These are some of the reasons I’ve seen and heard this year, as to why we vote:

Principals: Certainly our principals guide us more than just about any other factor as to why we vote. The issues we care so deeply about are what drive our very lives. We are so divided because our principals our at war with other. Think about your “core” principals that are deal-breakers as far as the opposing candidates. How is our country going to mend, IF we can’t even listen to those that believe the polar opposite?

Even the word compromise is politically charged because some people believe you should always compromise, and others think you never should. Yikes, how does a country survive with that? How do you run your own family? Are other view points allowed?   If your “person” wins, are you willing to respect, even defend the other side’s right to believe differently?   I’ll say it again, we can never reconcile opposing principals if we totally lose our ability to listen.


God bless our Secret Service

Pragmatism: One thing I’ve heard a lot this year. Well, I can’t vote for him/her (because of ssues A,B,C,D, etc), so I’m going to HAVE to vote for her/him.   It’s the “lesser of two evils” argument. This one is a challenge for me. At least with family members, and a few close friends, I have asked how to do they comfortably vote for Clinton despite the email scandals (being above the law), lying to the public (Ben-Ghazi), the pay-for-play schemes related to the Clinton Foundation etc. And much more, but that’s enough for this paragraph.

I have also asked my Republican friends how in the world do you vote for Trump? Someone who is so hot-headed, insults women, other ethnicities, the handicapped, the flat-chested, the “ugly”, the list goes on.   How do you say you vote “principals” over name-calling, insulting, temper tantrums, and often an inconsistent core principals on every single issue. If you vote principals first, than how in the world do you throw out character?

And because I have taken these heated discussions to many over the past few months, I have received heat that often feels like a beating from BOTH sides. But I did this not to berate, condemn, or alienate those I love from me. I did this because I HAD to understand from a different viewpoint other then my own, how they came to their conclusion as I struggled mightily with my own decision.

 Protest: I think this would kind of fall in the category: Pragmatism-taken-to-an-extreme. Or perhaps principal. When one candidate seems so detestable, that you do everything in your power to send a message to the other person, and/or party. Or perhaps you dislike both candidates, so you pick the he or she that have an infinitesimal chance of winning, but you’ll sleep good with your own soul at least.

Believe me, I totally get that!


We didn’t quite make it in Reynolds Colliseum last night, but we did huddle outside at 1 am with several hundred other happy excited Clinton supporters.

Earlier that day, we saw the kindest people, both the longest lenses, buses, and neckties I’ve ever seen, and we found a quarter and a nickelon the ground as we walked out.

Protection: Fear of terror attacks.   Fear of gun violence. Fear of losing the freedom to defend one’s self/family. Fear of government overreach. Black lives. Blue lives. Keeping our own money.   Not losing our benefits. Our borders. Our national security.   Veterans. Syrian refugees. The autonomy of one’s body. The lives of the unborn.   These too are just a sampling of hot-button issues that we are passionate about protecting. And as you can see, even that which we should protect also divides us. Because sadly, in our flawed human nature, we are divided as to which kind of person do we protect. In our defective humanity, we assign a hierarchical value to people, swayed by our beliefs.   For some of us, we compromise, even sacrifice a lot of principal, and even lay down our pragmatism, and vote simply who will best protect my family, myself, my country, and the issues I care about?

 Popularity: We also grow passionate because politicians tickle our burning ears with that which we want to hear. They justify our inner anger and teach us it’s acceptable to let it out. Or is it? Perhaps we decry racism and then vote solely on race, or sexism and vote solely on gender. It happens in both parties to all genders. Popularity comes with perks. Maybe it’s getting to see Beyonce or or Lady Gaga or Bon Jovi for free. Free concerts, free college? Hey, that’s cool! Or perhaps it’s “We’re mad as hell, and we are DEFINITELY not going to take it anymore. We are Taxed Enough Already!” The corruption stops here.   But will it? Is either side capable of being totally transparent? Is either side truly honest?   And will either side deliver on their promises? Or are we simply voting, knowing they won’t, but it sure sounds good!

The hardest part of this election for me is that I truly want to vote FOR someone, and FOR something I believe in, not AGAINST someone else, and things I oppose. I want a person of integrity that truly believes the values they espouse, not just say they do. I haven’t found that candidate this year.

I finally had to vote on one core belief, and one belief only:

Prayerfully: There’s a melody I keep hearing in my head today. It’s from the U2 song “Ultraviolet”:

Oh– Sometimes I feel like I don’t know

Sometimes I feel like checkin’ out

I want to get it wrong

I can’t always be strong,

and love—it won’t be long……

So today–I’m praying as I settle my soul with the vote I cast.   I don’t want to actually get it wrong (but somehow feel I will). I want to be wrong about whoever wins. Because I want our country to heal more than I want to be right. I just do. Call me a mostly-conservative pacifist who just crazy loves her compassionate liberal friends as much she loves her loving evangelical conservative friends. I don’t know. I just want to have peace in my heart. And I want our country to just be okay. This peace! It’s the very thing that has soooo eluded me this election.

Perhaps some of you feel the same way.   I’ve never cared so much and felt like I had so little to choose from. You see, I love America so much.   Every day of my life, even the worst horrible days have still been slightly awesome days. Because the next day I always woke up with the freedom to choose differently. Above all, I don’t want to lose that.

And I want all those I’ve debated with, talked with, argued with this year—well, I need you to know something.   I saw this gem of wisdom on a bumper sticker. It’s been my favorite of the entire campaign season:

I love you. And I vote.

Today is our day America. This is the day WE decide. I pray you will consider this one question above all others. By tomorrow (most likely), like it or not, we WILL have a new President. Either “She” or “He” will win. So in light of that:

Will you still be the same person tomorrow, that you are today?

I know I will. I already know I’ll wake up a bit disappointed because I feel we are a nation in decline, we’ve lost our compass on how to deal with each other. I feel we have become selfish. We want what WE WANT, and we don’t want the other side to have what they want because they are wrong! We see our lives only through the prism of what the “bad guys” have done to us.

People are truly frustrated and angry over political decisions that have impacted our lives. Real people are hurting financially, facing employment challenges, have retirement concerns, or worry that they can even safely live due to their geography or skin color. Though much of our frustration is indeed justified, the way we treat one another is not.

This blog contains no answers. Only observations. But it is written in the utmost hope that you WILL vote. That you will consider things from all the perspectives you possibly possess. And I pray that you too will pray for both candidates and our nation as one seeks our confidence in their ability to lead us. Know this: we are not electing a king or queen. I believe we serve a higher power, we answer to a higher law, and we ought to respond to all who are around us with a higher love.  

Come hell or high-water, him or her, we already have the authority, the power, and the potential to live as good, kind, compassionate, citizens who have the opportunity, daresay I, the responsibility to serve our great country!

We CAN be the hope and light for others to see. We can be the catalysts in our communities and families that truly change our world for the better. These are not platitudes, these are promises for those that choose to live a life of self-sacrificing love.

When you go to the polls today (if you haven’t already voted), I PRAY you see the faces of those around you. Pray for them. Send them good mental vibes. Be neighborly.   May you be gentle with yourself and gracious in your interactions with others.

And despite America’s problems and divisions, we are still great, specifically because so many of us truly are good.   Let’s keep it that way, okay?

It’s Election Day. Vote and may it be well with your soul.

God bless America!!!!


Liz’s Favorite Candidate in 2016


Liz and NC Governor Pat McCrory — December 19,  2015


My son met Governor McCrory December 10, 2015

For those who care about HB2, this is worth pondering:


But Why Is The Rum Gone?

Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.  Captain Jack Sparrow


So my family and I took a trip to Washington DC this past weekend.  We fought off hypothermia as we walked around Constitution Avenue and the blocks surrounding the Smithsonian museums and galleries while Congress and the House and the President (who popped back in from yet another exotic vacation– this time it was Hawaii)  debated what is the best way to jump off the fiscal cliff.

As I’m fairly aware of my surroundings at all times, I knew when I heard the chik,chik,chik,chik  of chopper blades between the Senate and the White House, and knowing I was standing in the middle of a no fly zone, I quickly deduced it was most likely Marine One.    Especially since there were news media vans from every major city in America parked mere yards away.

Marine Force OnePresident Obama Disembarks Marine One (Photo: Denver Post)

This minute stands out firmly in my brain when I saw the helicopter because I saw it as a historic opportunity to teach my son about the “majesty” of the Office of President.  At the very least, there was historical relevance of “WOW!  You are standing here on nearly the last day of 2012, and the President of the United States is circling right above us!”  I grabbed my video camera and hit record as an agent in dark clothing several dozen yards away kept his polite assault rifle on standby, just in case I was a nut job and my video camera was a weapon.  I decided to make tiny movements and speak slowly.

“Look son!  It’s the President’s official helicopter hovering above you!”   And as I simultaneously hit the record button to record a slice of history for all posterity, my seven year old sorely exclaimed, “I don’t care about the President flying above, I’m just too FREEZING to death!  Can we just GO ?!?!?”  I turned the camera off.   That was it.   I had to laugh.  My son’s first opportunity to witness something historical and he blows it.

See a few weeks ago, though I confess it now feels more like years, I was much of a political junkie.  Addicted, I would even say.  A year of nail biting to the nub while digesting all the political fodder, I was totally wrapped up in every moment of the pending election and the crisis that would ensue if my guy didn’t win.

He didn’t.   I cried.  And then the next day came.  Right on schedule.

So I had to laugh when I realized my son is not yet a political junkie or gasp…..even a patriot!  We still have time to teach love of country.  Right now, hate of weather was the only crisis he was concerned with.

We have all been dealing with crisis for quite a whileI don’t know about you but I’m rather crisis weary!

      Being that in my life every day I deal with everything from my van’s transmission blowing up, to root canals gone awry that demand a redrill soon, to dryers clunking out, to cracked iPhone screens, to nightly homework-help marathons, to figuring out how to pay for college, and manage mothering and part time work on all the days that don’t involve family vacation day OR dreams of my fodder (which dabbling in writing/photography basically amounts to).

        Basically the other 354 days of the year, I, like most Americans sit down with our calendar and our Quicken and try to figure out how to rob Peter, Paul, and Mary to pay the remaining bills when there is too much month at the end of the money after the first stack of bills, disasters, and Uncle Sam are paid.   I try to balance dreams with reality with 1% of time devoted to dreams and well….you do the math.

Dangerous DropI found the Fiscal Cliff in Washington DC – This is the accompanying warning sign.

I am already keenly familiar with fiscal cliffs and their ensuing aftermath.  They basically go down like this:

The poop hits the fan.

And then the sun rises.

     Yep, that’s about it.  You just add another zero on the right side of the ledger and you keep moving on.  Simple as pie.   One or both of you starts taking on more work.  Second jobs are added.   Part time switches to full-time.  Full time takes on overtime.  It’s all good….right?  

In a New World Order based on fairness and equality, we have not even begun to pay our fair share, as there is always someone who works harder than we do, and according to the media, nearly everyone has way less which gives me a never-ending guilt complex. We have a long ways to go until we’re all equal, and we all have a fair equal shot at everything in life. 

        Before our trip to DC, we had just wrapped up first part of our vacation at Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida.     It was great.  Off went the TV.   On came the fun!  Our biggest crisis was “Puh-leeze Dad!  Did you have to cut the cheese again?!?!”

       We laughed.  We gallivanted between theme parks and traipsed around museums.  We nearly amused ourselves to death!  We became ignorant of the world around us for the first time in a long time.  We decided to postpone our personal fiscal cliff until 2013!  

We lived!

And now vacation is over.  School is back in session and all are back to work.  My daughter leaves for college soon and has informed me of where she will live this summer, which is NOT home.   Reality beckons after almost two weeks spent far from it.

After spending some considerable time at Disney’s “The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow” I realized that a Pirate’s Life is based on two priorities:  Redistribution of Treasure.  Rum.   That’s it.   Oh, and perhaps a dalliance with a pretty lassie from time to time.  Or wench, as the case may be.     Not that much difference from politics today.

Perhaps if our current lot of people’s representatives would don beaded dreadlocks and black eyeliner and speak to us with a tad more charm, we’d all be happy to acquiesce with all their demands.

With trillions in debt and more trillions coming, my intuition tells me we’ve already gone off the cliff, no matter what pretty words they use.   

As for us?  We’ll keep on keeping on in 2013 the best we know how.    And at the risk of being uninformed of that which I cannot control, I’ll be tuning out more consistently I’ve decided.  For at this point, I’m going politically AWOL, unless our politicians utter the true crisis words of Captain Jack Sparrow:

But why is the rum gone?

    Until then–as you were, mate!  Savvy?

Why is the Rum Gone Captain Jack Sparrow –Pirates of the Caribbean

Three Days Later (Post a Week Challenge: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words)


How could I ever forget that day?  It was a crisp and cool fall Sunday.  We were all headed to Mass at St. Mary’s Sacred Heart.    It was a devastating time.  Our beloved, no make that my beloved 35th President John F. Kennedy Jr. had just been assassinated three days earlier by that madman Oswald in Dallas, TX.

Pfft!  Just like that, he was mowed down I tell you, in the prime of his life.  He never stood a chance.

In this picture, Sam was wearing his new wool blazer I had gotten for his 35th birthday bash at an after Labor Day sale from Bergdorf’s.  So was John Michael, who much to Sam’s credit allowed both me and my mother to call our own boy John John as well.  Our sweet John John looked quite dapper in his new pea coat and cap.  And of course, there was Mary Cat.   We called her Mary Cat because John John couldn’t say Mary Catherine when she was first born, and he just called her Mary Cat, so the name stuck.  Yes sweet Mary Cat with her black patent leather shoes and white bobby sox and her pink wool petticoat and bonnet.  Her right little white-gloved hand firmly grasped her daddy’s, while her left hand tightly clenched her little purse I had given her for birthday the previous May.  Her legs had to have been freezing and her little mouth was pursed as she bravely fought back tears because her routine-as-clockwork mother wasn’t with her.

See we were supposed to have our portrait made after Mass that day.  But everything fell to pieces.  Or maybe it was just me.

A half hour earlier, Sam had zipped up my black Givenchy dress and as he did so kissed the nape of my neck.  It’s only because I was wearing Channel.  He always gets frisky when I put my hair up like Audrey Hepburn and I put a dab of Channel behind my ears.  I had just powdered my nose.

But my eyes were swollen, swollen I tell you!  I looked positively dreadful.   How could I go to mass looking like this?

I felt Sam’s hand try to go up my dress.  I smacked him, smacked him hard, I swear I did.

He looked stunned.  It was the first time I’d ever rejected his advances.

How can you even think of that at a time like this?  Don’t you know our President has just been assassinated?  I’m still mourning.  Please!  Leave me be!”

Sam got the message.  He didn’t touch me again that morning.  He helped get the kids ready instead, a real first for him.   I tried to clasp my pearl necklace around my neck.  My thumbs were sore from having prayed the rosary I don’t know how many times the last three days.  Somehow I slipped up.  I don’t know what I did, but my string of pearls spilled out all over the bathroom linoleum.

When those damn pearls spilled out everywhere I think it scattered the remaining pieces of my sanity right along with it.   I started sobbing uncontrollably.

When I looked up Sam, whose strong butcher’s hands were freshly scrubbed clean just for church today, was standing in the doorway with our little John John and Mary Cat.  It was clear to me then, as it is now, they would never ever understand me.  I was fragile.  Too much so, I think.

“I can’t go,” I told them.

“Aw come on Janey!  You’ve got to pull yourself together.  America has to go on.”

“You just don’t understand.  You don’t get it do you!   Don’t you know those commie bastards are probably going to nuke us for sure now?  What about the rights for colored people?  Who’s going to take up the fight for them now?  What about women Sam?  What about me?”  I carried on for at least a half hour.

It was all too much.  My outburst had sucked up all his remaining thoughts and feelings.  I was crying hard now.  I needed to be held.  John John just stared shell shocked.   Mary Cat began to whimper.

The hug never came.  Sam scooped up the kids and shouted, “Come on, let’s go!”

We’ll wait for you at the curb for two minutes!  If you can’t pull yourself together, we’ll go without you,” Sam threatened.  How dare he?  He’d take the car and make me miss Mass for our President?  You know not.

     Then I did something totally spontaneous and uncharacteristic.  I grabbed Sam’s Tower Skipper camera with its monster flash.  I opened the window and snapped their picture as they waited for me. I could tell Mary Cat was still upset about my outburst.

And then I slammed the window shut.  I lit up a cigarette and kicked off my heels.  I plugged in the Kirby and started vacuuming our flat, starting with a hundred cultured pearls.  I’m not sure why.

All I know for sure was that by the time Richard Nixon became president, I was already a divorcee of two years.  I never got another pearl necklace again.  I cried every day starting that Sunday until Christmas of 1963.  John John and Mary Cat started prep school when I married my second husband Bernie, a lawyer who specialized in estate planning.

But sometimes when our current President gives his State of the Union address, I tear up a little.  I think of President Kennedy the ghost who still resides in my heart even though he’s been gone for more than half my life.  Mostly I think of Sam, sweet Sam.  He tried, but perhaps he butchered one heart too many.  He just never quite knew how to handle what he called my pervasive sadness. 

This was our last family photo.  And I wasn’t in it.   And I have to confess I’m glad Mr. Ruby shot Oswald.  For he ruined everything I ever truly loved!

A Prayer for America’s President


I didn’t vote for you.  That is okay.  You are still my President.  I am still an American both free and privileged to live in the greatest country on earth.  As a Christian I am freely choosing to do this joyfully.  America is great because God has been good to us, even when Americans do not agree on issues or even who should be President.

So today I pray this humble prayer and pray it may be shared and heard:

I thank my God for you and that we were given a choice to elect you.  For you are the President to all Americans.  I know we are divided on how to solve all the problems that confront us:  Debt, domestic policies, taxes, trade, energy, immigration, social issues, poverty, education, justice, security, foreign policy, international relationships, war, peace, to name just a few.  I’m sure there are a few thousand or so issues I left out.

Still–this much I know is true.   God has appointed you for this time and place in our history.  So this I pray for you:

First that your family will be blessed and shine as an example of what good and faithful promises are in store for families that strive to be strong, love one another, and aim to work through differences in order to remain intact.

I pray that you are surrounded by good advisors who put the good of country ahead of politics and self-promotion and the wisdom and courage to remove those who do not.

I pray that you will be an influence on moral culture and inspire people to value honor and truth.  This means living and speaking truthfully, even when or if the truth hurts you or hurts us.  We are Americans; we are strong. We can take it.

May you be granted God’s favor as you work for us and may you be given wisdom to help heal the various divisions in our country and find compromise in areas of opposing ideologies.  Neither party is completely right nor is either party completely wrong.   Extracting compromise will be your toughest challenge, and quite possibly ours.

I pray that you will listen carefully.  I pray you will hear what the citizens are asking for and what they are not.  I pray all viewpoints will have representation as you lead all parties and as you enact or veto legislation.

I pray you can be an example of fiscal stewardship and policy accountability.  I pray you will be given wisdom and favor to help you in these areas.

I pray you will seek God’s guidance first and seek His righteousness regarding every man and woman you send overseas or even keep in our homeland that are entrusted with the sacred honor and sadly, sometimes sacrificial duty required of those called to keep our country safe and free from harm.  I pray you personally understand the depth of the loss experienced by the families who personally lose an American hero.

I pray for wisdom to know what is worth fighting for and what is simply a tactic to drain us of our most precious resource of all: human life.

I pray you have courage to call evil by its name when it surfaces.  If we can’t identify evil by its calling card, we will not be able to identify who is our enemy.

I pray you will value human life from the baby who has not been born, to the aged citizen who, though they may no longer be productive, contains the wisdom of the ages if we would indeed listen and learn from them.

I pray you will receive and give honor worthy of your high calling.  I pray you always remember the office and the magnificent country you represent every time you shake a hand, sign or veto a piece of legislation, or meet with foreign dignitaries.

I pray you will be a beacon of light, a representation of honor, a speaker of truth, and a living demonstration of both peace and strength, and above all treasure the sacred honor of being called the President of the United States.  May you value your calling as highly as we who love our country value being an American citizen.

As you walk and serve, may you walk with God.   For with God, ALL things are possible.  We know that ALL things, even divisive elections, can be used to work for good.

This is your time.  May God abundantly bless you as you find your way in the pages and memories forever chronicled in our American history.