Get Fat But(t) Be Happy Dip


This is the ACTUAL SIZE of McDonald’s Fries in a Kids Meal

I Ordered for Myself Last Week.   I AM STILL HUNGRY!     Photo by Liz – May 2012

The belly rules the mind.  ~Spanish Proverb

OK….so I’m deviating from normal, whatever that is, and although I’m trying my best to write, my stomach is hurting so bad because I have not had enough unhealthy food lately!  My daughter has spoiled me since she returned home from college by grocery shopping for FRESH food every few days, grilling out at night, setting the tables by candle light, and eating the basics such as chicken with mango salsa, or grilled steaks, or shrimp tacos.

But right now, what I really am craving is something that I can just shovel down my throat with a big glass of whole fat milk with Nestle’s Quick.  So here’s what I was fantasizing over.  If you have the ingredients you should go make it right now because sadly the only thing I’ve been able to successfully eat today is WORDS THAT I REGRETTED SAYING!

So chow down word and food lovers alike:

Get Fat But(t)  Be Happy Dip:

1 Bag Fritos Scoops

1 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese and 1 can  Hormel chili w/beans (no meat) unless you like meat, than use that one!

Cook the cream cheese and the Hormel chili beans in a pot. I suggest medium heat.  Stir with a wooden spoon.

Now dip the scoops in it and put it in your mouth!

There, doesn’t that make you feel all better?

PS – To my sweet daughter…..I LOVE YOU!  Please don’t stop cooking.  I’m just having a demonic attack on my stomach; it should pass!