The Big Kahuna – 50!!

So now you’re fifty

That sure if nifty!

You’ve worked so hard

All these years

We shared some laughs

And shed some tears

Sometimes it’s been hard

And the road was long

But it always was worth it,

It’s made us strong.

All the long hours you’ve spent,

With your arms stretched out

Under a hood your back is bent,

You’ve given us a grand life

There is no doubt.

You never complain

You live without regret

You make others’ lives better

On that you can bet

Close to your brother and his wife

You love your mother, and enjoy every second of life

Whether it’s bowling with your boys

Or watching your favorite girl dance

Or chilling watching the Panthers play

If given half a chance

Nature walks, and late night talks

Fishing with friends out at sea

This dedicated worker

This dad of three

A family man through and through

A good man to all and great husband to me

Happy Birthday Scott!!

Two score years ago:  a little boy who liked to build and  fly model airplanes with his faithful companion Bridgette!