Full Dis-CLOTHES? Sure! (Truth or Consequences)


“If you’re compelled to go topless, at least be fashionable with your accessories!” LizLogic

       Okay, full disclosure here.  In the spirit of hip politico du jour, I feel compelled to go ahead and release what can only be described as the nudey pics.  Oh come on, you probably have some too.  The only thing that separates you and (up till now) me from sharing with the world, is either:

  • Embarassment
  • Lack of adequate Photoshop Skills
  • Proper Timing hasn’t presented itself yet  (e.g.,  not yet having announced launch of a big political campaign,  consideration for a big promotion,  possible selection for a leadership role, a strong compelling to increase one’s social media exposure)


(Gasp!) Heavens to Betsy……

  •  You ACTUALLY do not possess, were smart enough to toss, or rarest of all–never took those Polaroids, digi-pics, or made that video  that in our current culture serve more as a resume enhancement than an actual source of shame.

At nearly a half century old, I’m old enough to make younger adults chuckle at such simple, prudish ways.   However– I’m just brazen enough, just bold enough to admit many, many, many moons ago, there are some pics that were indeed taken that haven’t been released publicly–until now.

But keep in mind these simple facts.  They were not taken with my full consent.  They were not professionally captured or edited.   Still, best to put yourself in front of any potential future crisis, should you decide to seek political office, leadership, or recognition.

It seems like these days honorable and noble character are well– boring.   Honesty, courage, and the ability to tell the truth?  Yawn!  What was it they were saying again?  But give us someone like Miley Cyrus who transforms from sweet little Disney school girl to over-the-top, no holds barred sex vixen before our very eyes, or a politician running for mayor of America’s biggest city like Carlos Dangerous, well now we’re all ears and eyes.   We like to watch other people implode if it entertains us.  We watch in morbid fascination as they lose all sight of what matters, of what’s real.    Tell us lies!  Tell us what we want to hear!  Give us what we want!  In short, we value entertainment far above the truth!  We’ll happily turn the other cheek (along with the rational side of our brain) and give you our vote or our money in exchange for your outrageousness!

Yes, let’s all just ignore the country is imploding financially and our culture is on fire threatening and succeeding at dirt-washing the minds of our children, and even us.   Let’s all just take the path of least resistance and ignore the fact that America is not well.  We are all a little bit sick; we all are living a little bit in denial.    The lyrics we hear, the media games we let our kids play, the shows we watch (even with our kids!), the things we listen to and laugh at in the name of entertainment, and the pics and comments we post all over social media all play a role in who we are turning into.   The media feeds us spoonful by loving spoonful with daily examples of culture rot whether it’s men behaving badly, athletes behaving violently and cowardly, or entertainers preaching an anything goes philosophy.

We fixate on and celebrate celebrities, athletes, and politicians who behave badly.  We decry sexism in the workplace, yet we overlook men who treat their own wives in a deplorable way if they promise to just give the people what they want politically.   Athletes?  Free pass, as long as they’re still WINNERS!   Celebrities?  Oh come on, it’s Hollywood; everybody does it! 

        The thing is we all play a part in the solutions to what is wrong in our country; that is if you even acknowledge that we have problems in the first place.  There are politicians to write and vote in or often out of office.  Perhaps you are the one who should take that leadership role, run for office, teach our kids, write that book, or sing that song that offers up something good, positive, noble, or truthful.

We could kick back and just complain all day over what’s wrong and blame others.  We can coast on apathy and ignore all the warning signs that harder times are yet to come if things continue as they are.  We can settle into the world’s biggest comfy couch, The Comfort Zone, and wait for others to fix the problem.  Or we can look at the world the way one looks at an answering machine that only receives solicitations at dinner time; we can just hit ignoreAfter all, we’re all tired, really tired!  Let’s turn on the TV.  It’s been three days.  Surely by now someone else has come forward with their secret sex tape, their Twitter eruption, their sext messages, or their naked pics.

Well I said my piece.  I’m not famous, just a life observer—a writer without abbreviations beside my name, only opinions.  Unless I release some naked pictures, I’m not sure anyone will hear me.  So I guess I’ll live dangerously.  I’ll take the plunge.   I’m not asking for your vote but I am asking you to care enough to vote and to please pay attention to what actually matters and find a way to get involved.  Praying you love America enough to seek what is noble and ask for what is true.


This author, living free and naked when life was so much more simple!

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